Discovering the typical food of Tenerife is a sensory journey that embraces history and nature. In every rural corner, we discover flavors that tell stories of sea and land, ancestral traditions and rich cultural diversity. Join us on this delicious adventure, where each dish is a discovery and each bite, a revelation.

The Influence of the Environment on the Gastronomy of Tenerife

Here, where the Atlantic Ocean kisses volcanic lands and where the climate varies dramatically from one valley to another, gastronomy becomes a mirror of this diversity. In Tenerife, the terrain not only shapes the character of its wines, but also defines the identity of its dishes. From cheeses cured at high altitudes to potatoes grown in mineral-rich soil, each ingredient tells a part of the island’s story.

The Rural Experience: Eat typical Tenerife food like a local

Entering the rurality of Tenerife is opening a door to a genuine and flavorful culinary experience. Here, where tradition is simmered and flavors are inherited from generation to generation, each dish tells a story.

Imagine sitting in a cozy mountain tavern, where the aroma of “conejo en salmorejo”, a rich, deep stew, fills the air. This specialty, marinated in a mixture of garlic, paprika, wine and herbs, reflects the fusion of the flavors of the land with the secrets of local cuisine.

Rabbit salmorejo

Or perhaps you would prefer to try the “potaje de berros”, a nutritious and comforting stew, perfect for the cool days in the highlands of Tenerife. This dish combines fresh watercress, potatoes, corn, and sometimes pork, offering an explosion of flavors that warms the soul and delights the palate.

We cannot forget the “Tenerife cheeses”, famous for their variety and quality. Each cheese is a universe of flavor, from the soft and creamy goat cheese to the powerful and cured smoked cheese. Tasting these cheeses is taking a sensory journey through the diverse landscapes of the island.

And for those looking for a typical Tenerife meal from the sea, the “vieja”, a type of local fish, is an unmissable delight. Commonly prepared on the grill, its tender and juicy meat is enhanced with a touch of “mojo verde”, a cilantro-based sauce that provides freshness and a subtle spiciness.

Every visit to a rural tavern, every dish served, is an opportunity to connect with the life and traditions of Tenerife. Locals take pride in their cuisine and are always willing to share their stories and recipes. Thus, eating like a local is not only about enjoying exquisite dishes, but also about being part of a community that celebrates its culinary heritage with every bite.

Stories Behind the Flavors

The gastronomy of Tenerife is not just a list of ingredients and recipes; It is a tapestry woven with stories, myths and traditions that have been passed down through the centuries. Each dish carries with it stories that connect us with the island’s past and offer us a glimpse into its soul.

The Legacy of Gofio: Let’s start with “gofio”, a food that is much more than a simple ingredient. This ground powder, which has been the basis of the Canarian diet since pre-Hispanic times, symbolizes the resistance and adaptability of the island’s inhabitants. Traditionally used by the Guanches, the indigenous people of the Canary Islands, gofio has remained an essential element in modern Tenerife cuisine. Each family has its own recipe to prepare it, whether in desserts, stews or as an accompaniment, which makes each gofio dish unique and personal.

typical food of Tenerife

The Route of the Arrugated Potatoes The “wrinkled potatoes”, a simple dish but the typical Tenerife food par excellence and deeply rooted in the culture of Tenerife, have their own story to tell. It is said that this dish was born out of necessity, when farmers, who worked long hours in the fields, needed meals that were both nutritious and easy to prepare. The potatoes are cooked in seawater in the field, which gave them their characteristic wrinkled texture and distinctive flavor. Today, rutabagas are a symbol of Canarian identity and are proudly served in homes and restaurants across the island.

Wines with History The wines of Tenerife also have their own legends. The “Malvas√≠a” grape variety, for example, was highly appreciated in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, and it is said that even Shakespeare mentioned it in his works. Tenerife’s vineyards, some of the oldest in Spain, have survived pests and climate changes, producing wines that are a true testament to the island’s history and character.

The Secret of Mojo Pic√≥n “Mojo pic√≥n”, that vibrant and flavorful sauce, is more than an accompaniment. Legend has it that mojo is the result of the cultural fusion between the original inhabitants of the island and the Spanish conquerors. With ingredients brought from America and African and European culinary techniques, mojo is not only a sauce, but a symbol of the mix of cultures that defines Tenerife.

The gastronomy of Tenerife is an adventure for the palate, a journey through time and an embrace of its rich culture. At the Hotel Rural Casablanca we invite you to explore these flavors, to live these experiences and to take a piece of Tenerife with you in every culinary memory.