Welcome to a journey through the most enchanting trails in the north of Tenerife, a region that promises unforgettable adventures for nature and hiking lovers. Near the cozy Hotel Rural Casablanca, in Los Realejos, you will find some of the most impressive hiking trails on the island. These routes not only offer spectacular scenery and rich biodiversity, but also a unique opportunity to connect with the natural environment and discover the hidden secrets of Tenerife. From trails that wind through mystical ravines to paths that take you to secluded beaches and enchanted forests, each route offers a unique experience. Join us in this article as we explore the five best hiking trails in the north of Tenerife, providing all the information you need for your next outdoor adventure.

All the information about the trails of Tenerife can be found on the websites: https://www.tenerife.es/portalcabtfe/es/temas/deportes/red-de-senderos-de-tenerife and https://www.tenerifeon.es/mapa-interactivo.

IMPORTANT: Some trails are currently closed due to the effects of the serious forest fires that occurred in 2023 in the area.

1. Masca Ravine Trail 🌄.

tenerife masca trail
  • Length: 11 km.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Description: This trail goes deep into the heart of the Teno Rural Park. Starting from the picturesque hamlet of Masca, hikers embark on a descent through an impressive ravine, surrounded by gigantic cliffs and lush vegetation. The route culminates at Masca beach, a hidden treasure accessible only by sea. This tour is not only a physical walk, but also a journey through the volcanic and natural history of Tenerife.
  • How to get there: Access to the Masca hamlet is preferably by public transport, due to the narrowness and complexity of the access roads.

2. Cruz del Carmen – Zapata – Batán de Arriba 🌳.

  • Length: More than 9 km.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Description: Immersed in the Anaga Rural Park, this circular trail offers a unique experience in one of the oldest and best preserved laurel forests in the world. The route, which begins at Cruz del Carmen, passes through changing landscapes, from dense jungles to natural viewpoints with spectacular views. Half of the route presents a challenge with a steep climb, rewarding adventurers with unforgettable panoramic views.
  • How to get there: We suggest the use of public transportation from the Hotel Rural Casablanca, consulting schedules on the Titsa website.

3. Enchanted Forest 🌲.

tenerife anaga trail
  • Length: 8 km.
  • Difficulty: Easy.
  • Description: This trail is located in the magical Anaga region, known for its unique flora and fauna. As its name suggests, the Enchanted Forest is a dreamlike place, with twisted, mossy trees that look like something out of a fairy tale. The trail is circular, ideal for families, and offers a quiet and charming experience, perfect for disconnecting and immersing oneself in the serenity of nature.
  • How to get there: The route starts near La Ensillada, accessible from Santa Cruz or La Laguna by mountain roads.

4. Path of the Senses 🧭.

  • Difficulty: Very easy.
  • Description: Also located in Anaga, this short trail is an invitation to experience nature with all your senses. Along the way, visitors interact with the environment through information panels that stimulate smell, touch and sight. It is an ideal tour for those who want a light and enriching experience, perfect for families with children or those looking for a less demanding but equally rewarding hike. You can find more information about the trail here.

5. Puerto de la Cruz to Playa del Socorro 🏞️

socorro beach trail puerto de la cruz
  • Difficulty: Easy.
  • Description: This route offers a perfect combination of coast and mountain. Departing from Puerto de la Cruz, hikers embark on a trail that winds between the coast and the hills, offering spectacular views of the ocean and local vegetation. The final destination is Playa del Socorro, an ideal place to relax after the hike. This route is an excellent way to experience the natural diversity of Tenerife, from its beaches to its mountains. This trail is a part of the PR TF41 trail that goes from Socorro beach to Pico Teide.
  • How to get there: From the hotel, you can reach Puerto de la Cruz by bus, cab or even on foot for the more adventurous.

Tips for Hikers 🥾🎒

  • Stay hydrated, especially in hot climates.
  • Follow the marked trails to avoid getting lost.
  • Find out about the route before you start and about public transportation.
  • Wear footwear suitable for uneven terrain.
  • Avoid exploring unmarked caves.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies.